Academic & Athletic Success at Temple

Temple University's approximately 450 student-athletes compete in 19 different men's and women's varsity sports.

Student-athletes at Temple face unique pressures and demanding schedules as they represent Temple in the classroom, on the field, on the court and across the country. Not only do they matriculate at an extremely diverse comprehensive learning environment, but they also compete in some of the nation's top athletic conferences. They enjoy an active lifestyle in the world-famous city of Philadelphia. And they have the enthusiastic and dedicated support of the Nancy & Donald Resnick Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes, better known as the Resnick Center.

The Resnick Center falls under the guidance of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Assessment and Institutional Research. 

From admission through graduation, the Resnick Center provides advising, tutoring, specialized services, assistive technology and more to all Temple University student-athletes. Every step of the way, we do everything we can to help our Temple Owls be the best students-athletes they can be.