Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Like our student-athletes, we at the Resnick Center understand the importance of teamwork. To us, this means two basic things:

  1. Maintaining a low staff-to-student ratio that contributes to a solidly pro-student departmental structure
  2. Building an informed, caring and skilled team of employees who are familiar with the unique challenges student-athletes face and are invested in the academic and athletic success of each and every Temple Owl who swoops through our doors

The Game Plan

We are proud to maintain an impressively low staff-to-student ratio-no small feat for a school Temple's size. With seven full-time advisors and two learning specialists, we keep our ratio reliably around the 1:75 mark.

To make sure that we accommodate Temple's large population of student-athletes while providing the kind of individual attention every young person deserves, we assign students to an advisor by sport. This helps our experts focus on students who have similar scheduling needs and other team-specific concerns.

Everybody's the MVP

At the Resnick Center, we achieve the success by cultivating and sustaining meaningful, trusting relationships between advisors and students.

These connections foster academic guidance in an environment that celebrates the student-athlete lifestyle. We understand the unique pressures that Temple student-athletes face, and we know how to help them make academic success an everyday part of their busy lives.

When you come to Temple for education and athletics you get MVP treatment every step of the way.