Tutoring and Services

As much as we would like to be good at everything, the reality is that we all have strengths and weaknesses. That is what makes life-and individuals-interesting.

The tutors and learning specialists at the Resnick Center are prepared to help student-athletes with subject-specific guidance in any of the academic areas offered at Temple, as well as general tutoring, learning strategies for academic support, access to technology, and even quiet places to study. And that's just the beginning.

Tutoring Program


With 100+ tutors on staff, ranging from anatomy and physiology tutoring, to writing  or mechanical engineering tutoring - this support allows the Resnick Academic Center staff to give provide the student-athletes with the extra help they may need to be successfull in the classroom. There are over 400 individual or group tutoring sessions per week in the Nancy & Donald Resnick Center.  

Tutoring appointments are reoccuring weekly, and are held up to three sessions per week. After each session, the tutor will submit a tutor report to the student-athletes respective academic advisor about the session, so that the appropriate experts can offer additional support and intervene if needed.

Interested in joining the Nancy & Donald Resnick Academic Support for Student-Athlete Center Staff? Click the link below to submit an application to be considered for a tutor position: 

Tutor Application

Study Hall

The Resnick Center's study hall sessions are objective-based. This means students receive individualized study plans created to fit their academic needs and goals. The advisors work with each student to design lists of targeted academic goals and objectives for successful study sessions.

This is an environment where concentrated learning can take place while strategic and academic goals are being met.

Mentor Tutoring

Sometimes, rather than struggling in a specific area, students need more general academic support and guidance. All of these sessions are weekly and one-on-one, this allows the mentor and the student-athlete to talk about all their classes, studying stratigies, and a plan of attack for that weeks work.   

Same with tutoring, that the mentors submit a report to the student-athletes advisor after each of their sessions.

Time Management

Time management is an important skill to have. However, some incoming college students have had little experience managing their own busy schedules. As responsibilities grow, it becomes increasingly important for them to develop these skills.

Our learning specialists help make these scheduling obligations less daunting by teaching students lasting time management strategies that will help them throughout their educations and careers.

Mastering one's own time management is especially important for student-athletes, who juggle so many disparate and demanding commitments.

Breakout Rooms

The Resnick Academic facilty offers students the opportunity to reserve individual breakout rooms equipped with audio/visual equipment. Rooms can be reserved to meet with a tutor, academic mentor, complete study hall hours, meet with a group or study in a quiet environment. There are four breakout rooms that can accomadate 4-6 people as well as a larger conference room that can accomadate up to 12 people. Student-athletes are encouraged to use the breakout rooms. Breakout rooms can be reserved at the following website: http://studentathletebooking.temple.edu/booking/RACRooms