Career Development


Mission and Vision

The “Verified” program establishes a consistent core of professional development content and experiences that equips students with the knowledge and confidence to direct their own success. Specifically, the program will focus on developing the competencies of Oral and Written Communications and Career Management.  The remaining competencies can be best addressed through academic and extracurricular activities, although the Career Center plays a major role in educating students about diverse perspectives on Professionalism/Work Ethic Goals. Through participating in this program, students will have the content knowledge and confidence to pursue rigorous experiential opportunities as an undergraduate student and successfully achieve their goals for life after college.


  • Access and Explore: Sign on to Owl Network, complete profile, and select 3 relevant Career Communities.  
  • Engage and Build: Students will create the critical personal brand tools to engage employers and market their skills.  Students will also practice these skills in real life situations to increase their comfort level and preparedness.
  • Resume: Students must have their resume reviewed by a Career Center Coach, a Career representative within their College or School, or Resnick Center Staff Member.
  • LinkedIn Profile: Students can use the Career Center Career Guide to assist them in creating or enhancing a LinkedIn profile. The profile should have a headshot, completed summary, experience, and skills sections, at least 50 connections, and at least 10 group memberships. LinkedIn workshops will be held on a monthly basis in the Resnick Center by a member of the Career Center Staff
  • Interviewing Skills: Students will complete a customized interview on the InterviewStream platform, which will then be reviewed as necessary by Career Center staff and Resnick Center Staff.
  • Financial Wellness: Students will become aware of and engage with Temple University’s existing financial wellness courses: Financial Avenue and Cash Course.


Upon completing the program, students can access exclusive activities and services that will expand their opportunities for successful careers.  These will include:

• Off campus employer/alumni networking events, which may include employer open houses in the Philadelphia region.
• “Owl” Travel events, which are typically trips outside of the Philadelphia region to meet with employers.