Learning Enhancement and Academic Development (LEAD)

LEAD is designed to enable students to reach their fullest academic potential. All incoming student-athletes complete an online needs assessment to determine each individual student-athlete’s educational experiences and expectations. An individualized learning profile is created by a learning specialist, which is provided to the appropriate team advisor to assist in their support planning for the upcoming semester. Academic advisors, learning specialists, and students collaborate to implement and review their plan. LEAD also collaborates with Disability Resources and Services to ensure students receive appropriate accommodations if and when applicable.

Additionally, learning specialists work closely with an assigned caseload of students through the academic year to ensure the necessary skills are being developed for long term success at the college-level.Learning Enhancement and Academic Development (LEAD) is a unique program at the Resnick Center that is designed to provide in-depth learning strategies for student-athletes who want to reach their fullest academic potential. Students at all levels of academic achievement can benefit from LEAD services. 

Students who participate in LEAD are paired with a learning specialist with experience in school psychology and secondary education. The two work closely to identify the student's strengths and areas that need improvement.

The goal is to not only address students' immediate or circumstantial academic needs, but the underlying patterns and habits that shape their learning patterns.

Encouraging students to examine their basic assumptions when it comes to how they absorb and process information is useful for students at all performance levels. That's why our learning specialist also serve as consultants for students to refine their already exceptional academic skills.


Our learning specialists help Temple's student-athletes master the art of note-taking. This instruction helps students focus on key points of any lecture and process information that occurs at a fast pace. 

Over time, this helps students interpret lectures according to an outline, organizing and assimilating information as it is presented.

Needs Assessment

The Nancy & Donald Resnick Academic Support for Student-Athletes Educational Needs Assessment is completed by all incoming student-athletes. The assessment gathers information regarding the student's academic history in the areas of math, writing, reading, and general educational experiences. The results are shared with the student-athlete's academic advisor in the form of a learning profile. The learning profile is used by advisors to build a schedule that meets the needs of each student-athlete.

Learning Style Services

We believe that every individual learns and processes information differently. This is why LEAD specialists and the Resnick Center take the time to test and assess Temple's student-athletes' learning styles before proceeding with other enhancement and development methods.

Students appreciate this one-on-one, specialized attention.